Synonym Questions on the ISEE Upper Level

The Upper Level ISEE Verbal Reasoning section is composed of two parts - synonyms and sentence completions. You will have 20 minutes to answer 20 Synonym Questions and 20 Sentence Completion Questions. These questions test your knowledge of vocabulary and your ability to apply that knowledge. (Skip this how-to guide and go straight to [...]

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ISEE Upper Level Overview and Test-Taking Strategies

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) developed the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) as an admissions tool for private schools, much like the SAT and ACT are used as admissions tools for colleges and universities. The ISEE tests a student’s knowledge of and skills in vocabulary, math, reading, writing, critical thinking, and reasoning to demonstrate [...]

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Reading Comprehension Questions on the Upper Level ISEE

Students will have 35 minutes to read six passages and answer 36 questions in the Reading Comprehension section.  These passages will cover a wide variety of topics, including the humanities (literature, art, biography), social studies (history, economics, sociology), and science (medicine, meteorology, zoology).  Each passage is followed by a number of questions that are based [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Number Types

The ISEE will directly and indirectly test your knowledge of number types. For example, a word problem may include rules where its values may only be integers or whole numbers. Real Numbers (Numbers that Exists) Natural Numbers include positive numbers do not include zero do not include negative numbers do [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Set Notation

You may be faced with questions that ask you to find the union or intersection of a set of numbers or lines. Usually, set notation is used to demonstrate the relationship between elements of information. A set is simply a group of things, such as numbers, objects, ideas, places, or geometric shapes. The items [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Fractions and Decimals

Rational numbers are numbers that can be represented as a fraction whose numerator and denominator are both integers. Fractions Overview The numerator is located in the top portion of a fraction, and the denominator is located in the bottom portion of a fraction. The denominator cannot be zero, as any number divided by zero [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Operations on Algebraic Expressions

In a nutshell, Algebra is arithmetic using known and unknown quantities. These unknown quantities are called variables and are represented as a letter (x) or a symbol. You have already evaluated some algebraic expressions by substituting certain values for some or all of the variables within the expression. Now, let’s apply what we know [...]

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ISEE Math Review – Matrix Multiplication, Standard Deviation, and Trigonometry

The Upper Level ISEE is used for application into 9th through 12th grade. Thus, the ISEE sometimes includes some higher level math concepts designed for students who have completed Algebra II or Pre‐Calculus. We have included three of these concepts so that you know what they look like so you can determine for yourself [...]

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