Piqosity’s learning tips and strategies for overcoming common roadblocks in education, as well as analyses of why these problems persist across generations of students.

Sci-Fi and Nonfiction Books to Inspire STEM Students to Read

Just as there are students that struggle with math but devour books, there are those that naturally grasp STEM skills more easily than reading and writing skills. Every student is allowed their own academic preferences, of course, but it’s vital to develop well-rounded academic capabilities for each of them.  Proficiency in science or math [...]

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How to Use ESSER or EANS Funds to Procure Piqosity

Nearly $200 billion in federal, pandemic relief through ESSER (public schools) and EANS (independent schools) can completely offset the purchase of learning loss measurement and mitigation software like Piqosity. Learning loss is such a serious concern that federal law even stipulates that a minimum of 20% of available funds must be used by schools to [...]

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How to Help Your Child With Math

Math...the subject that seems to stump parents and students everywhere. Figuring out how to help your child with math can be frustrating, especially with the difference in math standards taught now as opposed to our school years.  However, despite the bad reputation math has, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to be [...]

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Think “I Suck at Math”? You Can Change That

Ask a student their least favorite subject, and you’ll often hear, “I hate math.” Ask them why, and they’ll say, “because I suck at math.” Really, their reasoning makes sense—how many things that you’re bad at are among your favorite activities? As it turns out, a distaste for mathematics is extremely common, and a [...]

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Understanding What Your Kids are Going Through: Child Psychology and Development

Gaining a familiarity with child psychology and development is immensely beneficial to any parent’s relationship with their child. Maintaining effective communication with their child is a common struggle for parents. The way adults tend to talk about their daily lives and the problems they’re dealing with doesn’t seem to translate well in a conversation [...]

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The Benefits of Retesting and Taking Multiple Practice Exams

A strong (or weak) test score can have a huge impact on college or private school admissions. Test scores are one of the most important factors that admissions offices consider when admitting applicants, so no wonder taking standardized tests can be so stressful for students.  To help improve test-taking performance, students and their parents [...]

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ACT Test Taking Strategies

Getting an outstanding score on the ACT isn’t just a matter of knowing all of the concepts that are being tested; it’s also important to have a collection of tried-and-true ACT test taking strategies in your arsenal. The ACT is the second most popular admissions test (next to the SAT) for applying to college [...]

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Why a Humanities Education Matters for K-12 Students

A humanities education, including courses such as English and History, is as vital to a student’s development and college-readiness as STEM courses are. America is finally trying to take the necessary steps to address our growing educational deficit—recent studies showing that American students are falling behind their peers in other countries, especially during and [...]

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Why Do Some Students Hate Their Teachers?

We’ve done some polling, researching, and analyzing to find out—why do some students hate their teachers? If you are an educator, have teachers (or K-12 students) in your family, or even think back to your time as a student, you probably have experience with the struggles and strife that comes from the sometimes-strained relationships [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions to Help Students Get Ahead

The start of a new year brings the excitement of new beginnings and a chance to reset from the previous year. It’s a perfect opportunity to consider New Year’s resolutions for students to help guide the coming 12 months. But while the promise of forming new, healthier habits is enticing, it’s important to remember [...]

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